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The Clear Stream Behind Tengallon produces refreshing sound and lots of negative ion(^ ^)(^ ^)BIt'll sure to calms you down.

More over, We use pure Alps water to cook rice, meals and even for the water in the Bath tubs.

Clean by the WaterEE
Negative ion from Clear Stream. Mineral Water taken from the food and drinks. And Baths using natural Water...uHealEHealthERelaxationv
Come and feel the refreshment of your body inside and out at Pension Tengallon Hat. (^ ^)(^ ^)

Live camera inside Tengallon@ @@@@@@@@@@ LIVE&BBS


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`Return to your childhood, come and relax with us.`

The 16m height tower is a symbol of
Pension (lodge) TENGALLON HAT
From there you can see a panorama view of the stars.

The inn is located at the highland of Norikura National Park.
Every direction has a great view of the nature.

Inside, the inn offers ten private bedrooms three variety of bathtubs and
delightful breakfasts and dinner.

The riverside uKAPPA NO YUv
iIt's all covered with snow in winter)

Japanese hot tub
(Don't worry, it's not boiling!)

@iIt's like in Heaven!!)
You can use any as private bath. It is open 24hrs a day.

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@@Pension TENGALLONHAT @Please e-mail us for make reservation.
4306-8 MatsumotoCity, Azumi, Norikura
Nagano Pref. Japan 390-1511 @@
TEL +81(263)93-2360@FAX@+81(263)93-2144